General Terms & Conditions

  • offers professional services so once it is consumed there is no cancellation/refund.
  • The information provided by you should be correct and accurate.
  • will not be responsible for any incorrect return filed due to incorrect information provided.
  • will not be responsible for any delay in return filing happen due to incorrect information and technical issues on IT side.
  • Any amendment (or change/edit) request for filing could lead into additional charges as applicable.
  • If amendment of a return is required due to errors then there will not be additional charges levied on client.
  • Amendment of return is done on or before July 31st. Any returns filed after July 31st can not be amended.
  • If you have already missed the deadline by a financial year then those returns can not be amended. Those returns are considered as full and final. Please be very careful to upload information for such returns.